Afmine was born on the white gypsum-pans of Yzerfontein in 1998. We are based in Cape Town and have been one of the sole providers of high quality natural gypsum for South Africa’s agricultural industry – a mineral essential to healthy plant growth – for over 20 years.

Plants require a nourishing habitat in order to sustain our needs; it’s for this reason that we’re in business. So when the ground lacks the nutrients that our green friends need, that’s when we get involved.

We have been striving to build strong relationships with our clients, as we believe that good ethics create lasting partnerships. The quantities we supply range up from 1 ton and more.

Gypsum or Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate (CaSO4.2H20) is Nature’s very own plant superfood. It increases and maintains plant health by providing them with large amounts of Calcium and Sulphur: two elements essential to plant growth. Gypsum is extracted from our open-air mine in Yzerfontein using recycled water only.

The features of our Gypsum are:

  • Soluble calcium helps overcome the dispersion effects of magnesium or sodium ions, enhancing soil aggregation and porosity to improve aeration and water infiltration
  • Agricultural standards require gypsum of only natural sources to be used on plants and with a current purity level of 85%; our gypsum is literally the best there is

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Olof de Villiers

Chief Executive Officer

Olof has had decades of experience in the professional market, being known to turn companies around from near-liquidation. He saw a gap in the agricultural market, took a risk and opened up Afmine; his background in chemistry and the business industry being a guiding factor. He leads a team of like-minded and skilled people, all the while being supported by each and every one of them in return. He has a tangible passion for the work that he does and it translates through the company he has built from the ground up.

Marius van Rhyn

Mine Manager

Specialising in hands-on management, Marius not only assures the smooth operation of the gypsum operations in Yzerfontein, but he works alongside the workers that make the mine what it is today. He has been apart of Afmine from the very start, over two decades ago, and creates a calm and positive energy in the workplace.

Jean Wrensch

Office Manager

Jean Wrensch joined the company in early 1999, and has managed the accounts and admin office ever since. From the birth of Afmine until where the company has grown to today, Jean has been an integral and loyal part of the journey over the years.

Angela Fitzpatrick

Internal Sales

Joining the company in 2008, Angela has handled the sales of the company - being a direct contact for clients and suppliers. She has been loyal to the company, never wavering in her position and has become yet another essential link in the team here at the company.